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Handbags date back to the 17th century when people in Europe used them to carry coins and other valuables, with men wearing them as much as women. Today, handbags are one of the key fashion accessories that not only store goods, but show off a favoured brand that one associates themselves with, often due to its quality, exclusivity and style.

The UK shows the highest online affinity for luxury handbags globally with 260 searches per 1000 internet users, displaying how popular the must have accessory is to British consumers. Often, these luxury handbags can cost well into the thousands of pounds but offer a timeless style that can be resold for a large recuperation of the original fee.

There are many luxury London handbag designers such as Ethan K and many providers such as Balenciaga and DAKS who stock quality designer handbags that are created with the finest materials made by master craftsmen. These inventions are regularly featured in industry media such as magazines and fashion blogs and are longingly coveted by fashionistas worldwide.

A luxury handbag is not just a purchase; it is an investment. Well kept designer handbags keep their value well when reselling.