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Ethan K An Artisan With the Personal Touch

Ethan Koh personally chooses the highest quality exotic skins sourced from Louisiana and Zimbabwe two to three times a year.

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Underpinned by generations of artisans and expertise, delivered with unequivocally exceptional materials and exquisite design, Ethan K uses the finest precious materials, resulting in investment pieces, with contemporary relevance, that whisper excellence.

ETHAN K bags are all incredibly lightweight due to a secret ‘handstaking’ technique deployed in the tannery, following by ‘skiving’ in the atelier, which reduces thickness and ensures that all are soft to the touch.

For ETHAN K personal style is inherent and should be enhanced not dictated. His bespoke work is a collaboration with his clientele. Choose from a range of skins, finishes, colours and intricate, thoughtful details so that each creation is a very personal journey and a piece you will treasure.

Ethan K Location
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  • Tel: +44 (0) 20 7730 1234
  • Ethan K is available at:

    87–135 Brompton Road
    London SW1X 7XL

    For bespoke orders, please contact
    the Ethan K private salon:

Best For

Best For

Unique luxury exotic leather bags in a range of skins, finishes and colours.
Charle's Tip 1

Charles' Tip

Ethan Koh’s family uses secret recipes and have finessed techniques over the decades that embrace innovation and avoid gimmicks. Materials are treated like diamonds enhancing their natural beauty.
Charle's Tip 2

Charles' Tip

Leathers are painstakingly assessed and cut to maximise aesthetic appeal. Ethan lays each of his designs onto the skins to ensure the finish is to the highest specification.
Charle's Tip 3

Charles' Tip

For his bespoke service. Ethan Koh embosses his client initials and the bag’s creation date.