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Sandals were the first type of shoe that emerged around 8000 B.C. in order to protect feet and in more recent times, since the 15th century, a status symbol for many cultures.

The variety of luxury ladies shoes in London is enormous with an abundance of London shoe shops everyone’s feet will be looked after. There are many London shoemakers located throughout the capital that create bespoke London shoes for ladies.

The best way that luxury shoes are purchased is via bespoke or customised fittings. Go to any bespoke shoemaker in the London area and they will measure your feet and recommend fabrics and materials for you to choose for your perfect shoe. Next they will make the necessary minor alterations and you will then be presented with your luxury shoes. It is a process that requires patience but the results speak for themselves and are the reason why a high price is expected.

The main shoes shopping districts in London are Jermyn Street and West London in general which is home to large department stores and privately owned shoemakers also.

Bespoke shoes are expensive although the quality, style, comfort and originality provided by these shoes is unmatched.

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