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Couture fashion refers to exclusive clothing articles that have been crafted by experienced masters of materials, such as silk and lace, for a specific customer, usually for a very high price due to the time and quality of fabric used during the creation process.

The term was first coined of the work produced by Charles Frederick Worth, a man considered by many to be the pioneer and first stalwart of couture fashion. Charles grew up in the South West of England and moved to Paris in 1846 where his works became famous, such was the quality of the materials utilised and the fit of his creations. This sparked a fashion trend that continues to this day where Haute Couture is the pinnacle of the fashion world.

Ladies Couture Fashion in London is still as popular as ever and the Couture Fashion Week, an event held only in the main fashion areas of the world, stops in London each year to display some of the finest original pieces that are often not even available for sale after the show due to their exclusivity.

The timeless elements of Ladies Couture Fashion mean that if one purchases a piece, it can be kept for life. London Couture Fashion providers such as Zaeem Jamal, Bruce Oldfield and Amanda Wakeley create only the best pieces in their couture range that can cost well into the thousands.

Stay on top of the newest styles in Ladies Couture Fashion with the various blogs, websites and Fashion weeks that these brands use to show off their latest collections.

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