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A handbag is one of the most common accessories a woman takes with her everywhere she goes and luckily, London is home to variety of exclusive luxury handbags. No longer are the handbags of today only about practicality. One often purchases a handbag based largely on its style and build quality.

Luxury handbag retailers like DAKS and Balenciaga create designer handbags that are made with fine leathers, breathtaking diamonds and much more, Ethan K bags are made from exotic animal skin. Taking influence from the magnificent city that is London, the handbag designers stationed in the capital are heavily sought after. The various media outlets in the form of blogs and magazines often feature British handbag designers that show off the original creations spawned from the unmistakeable culture of London.

UK buyers are the largest consumers of luxury handbags per capita and it reflects clearly in everyday life around London town. Treat yourself to a handbag from a London retailer today.

Your handbag shapes your style. Find one that complements your favoured designs and taste.