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The iconic Bowler hat was invented in London by James Lock & Co. in the 19th century and hats remain popular in the capital in 2013. Hat makers embrace luxury materials such as felt and silk in order to create the 2 main types by which hats are divided into; brimmed and brimless.

A hat is the ideal accessory to complement an outfit. Whether for a man or a woman, a hat can protect your head and offer another aspect to your style, perfect for a wedding or special occasion.

Hats also have their place in sports played in London such as cricket, polo and horse racing due to their functional use that make the highly competitive athletes perform at a higher level.

The hat making fashion industry is very prevalent in London today and a number of luxury designer hats are available from the likes of James Lock & Co., the leading experts in hats worldwide. These customised Men's and Women's hats are crafted by experienced professionals in the London hat making industry.

Common etiquette for hats is that one should never show the inside lining of a hat. This is particularly important when tipping your hat.