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Shirt Makers

London is a region notorious for Shirt makers and with areas like Jermyn Street, it’s no wonder why. A sure way to find out if a shirt is quality made is to see if the label is marked “Jermyn Street”, as this is the prime area worldwide for a luxury shirt made by a London tailor such as White Shirt Haberdasher or Anthony Sinclair. These shirt makers create bespoke and made to measure shirts that offer the wearer an unparalleled style and fit.

From cottons to silks, casual shirts for day wear or elegant evening shirts for the traditional British look, Jermyn Street near Mayfair truly is a must see for the fashion conscious man while in London. This famed street is named after Prince Regent, a close friend of Beau Brummell (a man that once claimed it took him 5 hours a day to dress!), who created the regency architectural style, a time in which the Dandyism movement flourished.

Creating a bespoke shirt takes a lot of time, sometimes over 7 weeks, although the finished product that results is invariably worth the wait. Decades of experience and craftsmanship go into one of these luxury shirts and it’s clear to see why London tailors are so sought after by high name film stylists for movies such as James Bond where the style and fit must be impeccable in order to upkeep the character’s reputation as a man of sophisticated fashion.

Follow the one finger rule when purchasing a shirt – Ensure that you are able to fit one finger between the collar and the neck. If you can’t, it is too tight. If you can fit 2 fingers, the fit is too loose.