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Hat Makers

Hats have been worn as a form of style and status for many hundreds of years in London and the famous Bowler hat was invented in this very city by James Lock and Co. in 1849.

Hat makers embrace luxury materials such as felt and silk in order to create the 2 main types by which hats are divided into; brimmed and brimless.

Hats are also seen in sports such as polo and cricket where they act as a functional accessory that makes a sport easier to play. Spectators also usually wear hats to sporting events such as Horse Racing due to the tradition implemented by Royal Ascot where guests in the Royal Enclosure are required to wear hats.

The hat making fashion industry is very prevalent in London today and a number of luxury designer hats are available from the likes of James Lock & Co., the leading experts in hats worldwide. These customised Men's and Women's hats are crafted by experienced professionals in the London hat making industry.

There are a wide range of hats available from London Hatmakers including Berets, Fedoras, Flat Caps, Trilbys, Bowlers, Cloches, Porkpies and more. Choose the one that matches your style.