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The term “bespoke” is an inherently British one and its meaning is similar to that of “haute couture” for ladies fashion, roughly defined as “made to order”. The word originates from Savile Row in Mayfair, an area known as the “golden mile of tailoring”.

The recent portrayal of impeccably fitted suits on popular television shows has only increased this demand and a shift to younger purchasers who wish to own a luxury bespoke suit has increased demand in places like Mayfair’s Savile Row significantly. It is also extremely common for first time purchasers of bespoke creations to return such is their satisfaction with the quality produced by these master craftsmen. Pal Zileri, Anthony Sinclair and Alfred Dunhill are all noteworthy examples in the London bespoke industry that create flawless fits for customers time and time again.

The immaculately cut clothing available from tailors are unmatched for their customisation and fit and start upwards of £2000, in an area where the likes of Winston Churchill, Jude Law, Prince Charles and of course, James Bond, have had luxury suits made to measure from one of the many talented Savile Row tailors.

The first thing to decide on when purchasing a bespoke suit is the material. Which fabrics and what grade (quality) is up to you. Your selected tailor will provide suggestions based on your build and preferences.

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