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La Perla Opens on Old Bond Street with stunning new collection

  • by arobis

 From 1954-2014 the brand has unfolded luxury and style in lingerie and is celebrating a glorious past and seemingly ever expanding future that combines the true value of the La Perla style.

The brand has made a marvelous integration between the past and present that declares the many shades of femininity with honour. 

LACE: In every collection, both seductive and show-stopping Lace is ready to impress strongly, particularly in the more elaborate pieces. Lace focuses on bodysuit that stands out against the skin. 

ATELIER: Presents the sartorial elegance and the absolute sensuality of every garment that creates a recognisable alchemy of the La Perla style. 

SOUTACHE: Being one of the important parts of company’s history Soutache has evolved greatly with the passage of time in order to remain as stunning as ever. The collection offers striking interwoven strips of raw-cut tulle or an ultra-modern zigzag of silk bands. 

LINGERIE/OUTERWEAR: lingerie that has transformed into outerwear is more than a trend, it’s a mindset. Presenting a classical approach to elegance that allows you to play with what’s on show, and what’s kept secret. The collection includes an exclusive range of Bustiers and knee-length Skirts reflecting true sartorial skill in a sensational manner.

All these luxurious and magnificent lingerie are made with Leather with elastic nature by virtue of a special treatment, a technical sporty fabric Neoprene and special see-through Mesh adorned with flower graphics.   

La Perla has opened a stunning flagship boutique on London’s Old Bond Street. Spread over three floors, the famous Italian brand store has been designed by renowned architect Roberto Baciocchi who combines both Italian architecture as well as classical English style. 

For VIP customers the London lingerie shop dedicates its second floor fully where they can have exclusive services including the new one-of-a-kind made-to-measure service. Besides, the store in London takes bespoke orders that are made by La Perla’s artisans in Bologna. 

To find out more about La Perla, please click here.

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