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The Founders of Cutter and Squidge London

  • by Charles the Concierge

We are so delighted we discovered Cutter & Squidge in Soho. A real hidden gem and independent cake and 'biskie' shop. 

We got a chance to chat to the Founders; sister duo Emily and Annabel. 

When did you both decide to launch Cutter and Squidge andwhere did the inspiration come from?

​The idea began in 2012 when we decided we wanted to make an all-natural, tasty sweet treat that combined Annabel's love of biscuits and cookies and Emily's love of all things cake! We spent 10 months in product development before we launched the Biskie! ​

 5 words that describe Cutter and Squidge?

Fun, friendly, natural, innovative, delicious​

What is your advice to first time visitors to London and Soho?

Seek out independent shops, eateries and markets and enjoy some of the special and unique products London has to offer.

What are your favourite spots in London?

​​Soho for the food scene, regents park and zoo (we love animals) and our sofa for relaxing!

What is planned for 2016 for Cutter and Squidge?

​We have new offerings in store, for example our version of Afternoon Tea and exciting collaborations!

For more information please visit Cutter & Squidge

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