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Gareth Jones of Alexeeva Jones, the Chocolate Library in Notting Hill!

  • by Charles the Concierge

Notting Hill is a perfect destination for some of the best restaurants, boutique fashion shops and the renowned Portobello Road. For us, this hidden gem known an Alexxeva and Jones, is a wonderful chocolate library! You can get your hands on chocolatiers from Belgium to America. The location is another plus point, Notting Hill. 

What is your story and how did you get involved with the chocolate world?


I always loved fine chocolate even as a child and I was lucky enough to come across some wonderful artisan chocolate whilst I was living and working in various countries in Europe and elsewhere. It was always a great treat at weekends to stroll around exploring fine chocolate shops just for the fun and enjoyment of experiencing some of the best chocolate and confections money can buy.


I noticed of course that these artisan chocolate companies are mostly small businesses run by people who are very passionate about what they do - perfectionists obsessed with performing at the very highest level, often winning awards in their own countries and internationally. At the same time whilst they might be ‘famous’ and much loved in their local area, they’re often very difficult to find anywhere else and completely unknown.


I also found it very interesting how different the chocolate ranges were from country to country and often because of the specialities of a particular region; Belgian, Swiss, French,Italian and British are quite distinct and different from each other and appeal to different tastes, palettes and emotions.


So Natalia and I decided it was time to bring some of the best of the best chocolatiers and chocolate makers from around the world to London so that people locally could enjoy the great range of flavours, styles and techniques all in one place.


Since chocolate is all about enjoyment we set about delivering a chocolate experience supported by a range of high quality beverages in an environment where people can relax while they experience the sheer pleasure of rewarding and indulging themselves.


5ive words that describe the boutique?


How about world-class chocolate range, first-class service!


Why did you choose Notting Hill as the location for the boutique?


It’s important to be in an area which people see as a destination and Notting Hill is a great place to find all sorts of interesting things to see and do. On top of that it’s a great local community with a real international feel, which matches our approach very well.


How do you go about selecting the chocolatiers that are featured at the boutique?


Initially we spent a lot of time researching the market and did a lot of visits to chocolatiers before we selected our short list of the top class chocolatiers we felt would fit with our idea. Since we opened we’ve been fortunate enough to attract increasing attention from people in the chocolate world who understand and appreciate what we’re doing; so now we receive approaches on a very regular basis from chocolatiers around the world who would like to be included in the range. 


What is your advice to a first time visitor to Alexeeva & Jones?


Relax, take your time and be prepared to enjoy yourself.


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