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Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery in London relates to adornments that are at least 100 years
old and contain some of the oldest precious metals available. There are prime
examples from all London related eras of jewellery available to buy from one
of the many antique jewellers located in the city; Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian
and Art Nouveau eras left today’s generation with some of the rarest and most
luxurious jewellery pieces in the world. The style of each era differs drastically
and there are particular traits that relate to each era which allow antique collectors
to effectively determine the legitimacy of a piece.

The oldest jewellery house in the world, Garrard, which dates back to 1735 is
located in Mayfair, central London and stocks some of the most prestigious hand
crafted antique jewellery collections available. For centuries Garrard has been one
of the leading international jewellers, recognizable for creating iconic collections and
one-of-a-kind pieces with an unparalleled design ethos.

Antique fairs are common throughout London and the high visitor and vendor
attendances at these events shows that a passionate demand is still evident for these
elusive and exquisite products with buyers coming from all corners of the globe to find
the finest antique jewellery London has to offer from antique rings to watches.

Store your antique jewellery in a soft pouch or linen box when not in use, it helps to protect the item.