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British Jewellers

London has an array of British jewellers that can rival the best of international
designers. Jewellery in London is crafted by the world’s most skilled luxury
Jewellery manufacturers that work tirelessly to create pieces that would look
fitting in any modern Jewellery assemblage. The materials vary greatly but all
are made with the highest quality elements that sit atop the standard at which
other affluent jewellery is compared. They are passionate about creating one
off unique bespoke pieces, from only the finest materials gold, silver and a variety
of gems and diamonds. From bespoke wedding jewellery to timeless classics,
British jewellers are experts in their craft.

Patrick Wyatt jewellers creates bespoke hand-made jewellery in Hatton Garden.
You won’t find his display window full of mass-produced jewellery as everything
is made as a one off piece after a consultation with you.

Bremont Watch Company is an award winning British company that produces
engineered chronometers at their Headquarters in Henley on Thames. They are
focused on the design, specification and quality of the materials used combined
with a desire to produce a watch unrivalled in quality for its price bracket.

Ritz Fine Jewellery draws upon years of experience in the art of creating significant
moments in time, and exclusively designed jewellery. Located at the heart of London’s
Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly their pieces are often inspired by the natural beauty of gemstones
to create a unique and exclusive bespoke collection.

Wright & Teague create contemporary British jewellery made with passion for design
and craftsmanship. All their jewellery is created and exhibited at their Mayfair shop and
on-site workshop in the Burlington Arcade.

Experienced staff at any of the luxury London British Jewellers can assist you in finding
the perfect piece that will put a smile on the face of any designer jewellery connoisseur.

Ensure that your insurance policy covers any Jewellery you purchase as a safety precaution.