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Modern Jewellery

Modern jewellery designers produce exquisite, decorative pieces that cater to all tastes. London Modern jewellery has become a fast evolving profession that is at a cross roads between craft, design and art, it gives the designer a chance to make a statement as well as the wearer of the luxury piece, a piece of modern jewellery can add so much to an outfit to give that extra sparkle.

Modern jewellery usually consists of many different materials including gold, white gold, platinum, titanium or silver. Most European gold jewellery is created from an alloy of gold, and the level of purity is stated by a number of karats. Modern jewellery is perfect for weddings, dinner parties. In recent times modern jewellery has become more popular over traditional antique jewellery as it is lighter for wearing. Some people like to mix and match antique jewellery with modern jewellery, and it is entirely up your personal preference when it comes to buying and wearing modern designer jewellery.

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