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New Sautter Cigar Store to Open in Knightsbridge!

  • by Charles the Concierge

Knightsbridge is known as an exclusive retail and residential area based in central London. The London Plan identifies it as an international centre, one of only two in London. Sautter, in its exclusivity, is the ideal brand to open in Knightsbridge.

Sautter was founded by Desmond Sautter in 1961, focusing mainly on Cuban cigars, due to the demand by American customers.

The success of his focus on cigars led him to collect pre-Castro cigars, anything dated before 1958. Sautter was the only person of his time to collect vintage cigars. He originally collected them as a hobby, but eventually he became the go-to-guy for old cigars. 

Desmond Sautter retired in 2006, and left Laurence Davis in charge of the store with his business partner Johnny Berman. The shop is thriving under the pair, its reputation as one of the world’s top cigar specialists restored.

Sautter offers regular newsletters, cigar training and even trips to Cuba to its customers. 

For more information visit the Sautter website.

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