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Masterpiece London - Nourbel Le Cavelier Collection

  • by Charles the Concierge

Nourbel & Le Cavelier, founded by two reputable brands – Valerie Le Cavelier and Georges Karam - opened their first boutique in the historic Burlington Arcade in London in 2011. Le Cavelier and Karam are both second generation jewellers from Beirut and Geneva. Both have regularly served influential families and even royalty from Monaco to the Middle East and beyond. Valerie and Georges have recently discovered their ancestors came from the same village.

The pair specialise in completely hand-made, mostly unique jewels, with precious and rare multicoloured Sapphires, Zambian Emeralds, rare Paraibas, pink Conch Pearls, the signature Nourbel diamond bracelet and a few custom made items.

One of Nourbel & Le Cavelier’s iconic collections is the Micromosaics collection. This jewellery, each piece completely unique, incorporates intricate, colourful micromosaics, originally made in Venice, dating from 1850-1960, and fresh, modern jewels also. They are a real treasure to own. All creations by Nourbel & Le Cavelier bear the Maitre-Joaillier, Swiss Master Jeweller’s hallmark.

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