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Sautter of Mount Street Fine aged and vintage Cuban cigars

When lighting a cigar you should always use a flame which will not taint the flavour of the leaf. If you use a match, make sure that all of the head of the match has burnt off so that the sulphur doesn't impair the taste of the cigar.

Sautter was founded in 1961 by Desmond Sautter. His expanding pipe and cigar business bought a small cigar store in Mount Street which he quickly focussed on Cuban cigars due to the large number of American customers heading across the road from the Connaught Hotel looking the ‘Holy Grail’ of Cuban cigars.

Building on the success of his focus on cigars he concentrated on collecting pre-Castro cigars, anything produced before 1958. At this time, back in the late 1980’s it was commonly believed that cigars matured and went to their ultimate at 12 to 15 years.  Desmond was the only person interested in vintage cigars. He loved all aspects of these great old cigars, the bands and all the old sizes.

What he started out doing for fun started to grow. He became the person who everyone went to with their old cigars. The oldest cigar he ever found was from 1855. The business in vintage cigars grew as collectors from all over the world started to become interested and beat a path to Sautter and Mount Street.

In 2006 Desmond retired and, after many years as a regular and loyal customer, cigar connoisseur Laurence Davis took over the store with his business partner Johnny Berman and has put Sautter back in its rightful place as one of the top cigar specialists in the world. Today the Sautter offers its customers a regular newsletter, cigar training and trips to Cuba.
Laurence’s passion for the business has grown as he has become more experienced. With Laurence’s passion for fine aged and Vintage Cuban cigars it is clear that this world famous little store in Mayfair is in very safe hands. 

Sautter of Mount Street Location
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    8 Raphael Street, SW7 1DL

Best For

Best For

Fine Cuban English Market Selection Cuban cigars, for many years Sautter has been world famous for its stocks of aged and Vintage cigars.
Charles's Tip 1

Charles' Tip

When lighting a cigar you should always use a flame which will not taint the flavour of the leaf. When the entire surface is charred and embers appear, place the cigar between your lips. Gently puff and check that the whole cigar is lit.
Charles's Tip 2

Charles' Tip

Keeping your cigars in perfect condition - To keep a cigar in the perfect conditions for smoking and for longer term aging it should be stores at between 60 - 70% relative humidity.
Charles's Tip 3

Charles' Tip

There are many Cuban cigar brands each with its own unique flavour. Sautter’s experienced staff will be able to help you select the perfect cigar for every customer and ever occasion.
What's Happening 2

What's Happening

Come to Cuba with Sautter - Every November and February Sautter takes customers and keen cigar enthusiasts to Havana to join other cigar aficionados from around the world at one of the two great Cuban cigar festivals.