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An Incomparable Display Of Fine Art

  • by Charles the Concierge

Masterpiece London is an event that brings patrons, curators, exhibitors and collectors from around the world together in an exhibit of design, antiques and art of the highest calibre.

To ensure confidence, a team of independent experts will scrutinise every item offered to the exhibition.

Exhibitors will include Bogh-Art, esteemed Swiss family-run jewellery house as well as many more.

If ever you need a break from the fair, to discuss the art or even meet a friend, look no further than Le Caprice, Scott’s Seafood & Champagne Bars, The Mount Street Deli and The Ivy Bar.

Masterpiece London gives you the opportunity, whether your interest lies in abstract art, antiquities, jewels or decorative arts, to get up close to premium examples at the fair and to learn from the exhibitors that give insight, each day, into their area of expertise.

Click here to find out more about Bogh Art in London.

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