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BOGH-ART Precious Pieces Of You

Design inspiration behind BOGH-ART creations is a merger of East and West, where arabesque styles and oriental motifs are blended with European aesthetics for a contemporary feel.

BOGH-ART, a Swiss family-run high jewellery house, is famed for its audacious approach to jewellery.

Rooted in tradition but looking to the future with new materials and new techniques that will do the justice to the beauty of the gems they use, BOGH-ART creates wearable works of art. The collections feature rare gemstones, exquisite designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Making the Art of Inlay, ‘Kissing Diamonds’ and new materials the signature style of the House, BOGH-ART represents an audacious blend of refinement, magical colours, astonishing contrasts and an uncompromising attention to detail.

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Best For

Best For

Fine jewellery pieces that feature rare and collectible precious gemstones, intricate ‘Art of Inlay’ technique and new visually intriguing materials such as titanium and carbon fiber.
Charle's Tip 1

Charles' Tip

The trend for wearing contrasting earrings is not new to BOGH-ART but the houses’s daring use of very precious stones to this effect is both bold and effortless.
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Charles' Tip

BOGH-ART making groundbreaking use of titanium and carbon fibre to lend their jewellery exceptional lightness transparency.
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Charles' Tip

Bogh-Art believes that mounting stones with the minimum metal on display and creating the perfect stage for the stones is an uncompromising commitment to design.