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Foodies in London Setting Trends Fine Teas to Pre-Order

  • by Charles The Concierge

Due to the demand from top restaurants and food connoisseurs, fine tea is now entering into the world of high fashion and fine wines in that to attain it, it must be pre-reserved.

Known as the leading brand, Lalani & Co specialises in a fine selection of single-batch teas. If it is its rarity or complexity of flavour you’re looking for, Lalani & Co’s limited selection is the place to go. In response to how many teas sold out from the 2013 collection unexpectedly, after just beginning online retailing, Lalani & Co has opened a reservation list for those who wish to order particular teas from the 2014 collection prior to their release. Lalani & Co, the first from their industry to do this, have mirrored the en-primeur fine wine market.

Many food influencers in the UK were the first to place orders. Gymkahana’s Karam Sethi has a case reserved for his personal collection and restaurant alike. Following suit is Gauthier Soho. Asma Khan of “Darjeeling Express” the Indian supper club, grew up in the tea regions in India and has placed an order as well as Ravinder Bhogal, food writer and chef.

Lalani & Co founder, Jameel Lalani said:

“Britain is becoming the centre of fine tea again. In our history, tea was a luxury. The finest leaves on earth would be drunk here and it’s happening again. I believe it was inevitable. It’s in the social DNA of the nation.”

The first available pre-release tea is a small batch of Darjeeling 2014.

Wonder Gold 1st Flush 2014 (£35/100g) – ‘Wonder Gold’ from Darjeeling’s Gopaldhara Garden is picked from fresh young buds and leaves, 6,000 feet above sea level. The tea, as it is picked so high, has hints of florals and tropical fruit, with a mid-palate scented with herbs and finishes with a fresh dryness.

This tea will have limited availability as drought has reduced crops in the region by up to 40%, making it very difficult to obtain Darjeelings of such high quality.

Pre-release reservations are only open for a limited time, at different times depending on the tea, before delivery and general release.

The teas are available from the Lalani & Co website.

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