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Lalani & Co Curators of Earth’s Most Precious Leaves

Lalani & Co’s single-varietal Japanese senchas are particularly popular.

The Lalani & Co Collection houses some of the most extraordinary limited-edition teas available. Each tea in the collection is a small batch, sometimes of just a few kilograms, from an artisan family-run garden.

Lalani & Co acquires just the most exquisite teas, by considering factors including the producer, season of picking, elevation, and varietals. The teas chosen are then ‘curated’ with care: storing, maturing and ageing to a high standard.

Tea connoisseurs, private clients and London’s Michelin-starred restaurants come to Lalani & Co to obtain the premium pickings and vintage teas each season.

Lalani & Co Location
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  • Tel: +44 20 7101 0719
  • 120 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5EA 
Best For

Best For

Extraordinary seasonal and vintage teas. British-made artisan infusionware.
Charle's Tip 1

Charles' Tip

One of the first vintage collections of white tea is available online through Lalani & Co.
Charle's Tip 2

Charles' Tip

Lalani & Co’s ceramic infusionware is made in Stoke-on-Trent, the traditional home of the British ceramic industry.
Charle's Tip 3

Charles' Tip

Lalani & Co are known for having the best Darjeeling teas of the season.