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Luxury Values of Lalani Co.

  • by Charles The Concierge
Lalani & Co are lovers of all things luxury and has it as one of its core values as it improves one's experience of life.

When you drink luxury tea from their collection, you are approving the hard work of a family producer that has enormous passion for growing the finest flavoured teas. Organic farming is a firm value here, with Organic Tea keeping chemicals and pesticides out of your luxury tea.

Every garden's mission is to aid society, the economy as well as the local environment. Biodynamic farming and ethical trade was pioneered by Makaibari while gender pay equality is assured by Jun Chiyabari. Belseri is carbon neutral. The very first organic EU garden in Taiwan was set up by Ms Huang and her husband. All are asked to be as creative as they can to create the highest quality tea, which brings them into the relevant luxury market.

You can be sure that you are drinking the finest tea leaves on the globe when you drink with Lalani & Co. Various regions, producers and seasons are represented in the notes of each glass consumed.

For anything that is single-batch, provenance is of great importance. You are told various details about the particular product including why that certain batch was brought to you. These luxury varieties are also good for you with zero calories and plenty of antioxidants so you can enjoy as much as you like.

When you're drinking tea sourced by Lalani, you'll know what total luxury is all about.

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