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Laurent-Perriers Gardening Insights - 2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

  • by Charles The Concierge

Luxury Champagne Laurent Perrier's 16th show garden is to be created by award winning Luciano Giubbilei, where 'texture' is the theme.

Luciano explains how one can create such a space in their own garden at home:

"Texture in planting is often overlooked in favour of colour," he says.

"It's easy to be distracted by seductive reds or calming blues, but just as effective as colour combinations are textural combinations.

He added:

"In fact, some of the most beautiful gardens I've seen are monochromatic – a controlled colour palette of just greens and whites, for example – but it is their textural combinations that make them so effective."

The shape and size of the leaves of the plant in question that give it its texture. The bigger the leaf's size, the coarser or bolder the texture appears. Leaves that are finer and more filigree have more of an airier and lighter impact. The best effect is created when contrasting textures are combined.

The impact of Rodgersias or Hostas as broad-leafed plants is far superior to plants with finer foliage. Having a greater proportion of finer foliaged plants is recommended if you have both types as textural contrasts.

Trees are also included in the idea of planting textures. Depending on the season in question, differing bark types can make a real difference. As many trees in British gardens are deciduous, remember that for at least a quarter of the year, only the bark will be on display. A hornbeam's muscle-like trunk is a lot rougher than the smooth mahogany bark texture of Prunus serrula, for example.

Another type of plant that have an important role in planting design are the more delicately foliaged varieties. All too often they can be unnoticed as a plant in their own right and used on their own they do not give presence, but without them, planting can look too heavy and overbearing.

They often go unnoticed due to more beautiful plant varieties, but they can prevent planting from appearing too heavy or overbearing. They offer far more airiness and grace allowing the broad-leafed perennials to stand out.

Popular plants with more delicate textures at Chelsea include fennel, ferns, grasses Amsonia as well as Japanese Maples.

For further details, click here to visit the Laurent-Perrier blog.

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