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Exclusive Interview with Roberto Boghossian, BOGH-ART

  • by Charles the Concierge

BOGH-ART, an exclusive Swiss 'Haute Joillarie' brand, opened their London jewellery boutique on the iconic Old Bond Street last year. We had the opportunity to speak to the Managing Director of the brand and learn more about their work and story!


What is your story?

For over one hundred years the Boghossian family has worked in the jewellery business. Although our roots are traced back to the Middle East, my father, Jean, and uncle, Albert, established themselves in the diamond centre of Antwerp in 1975 and when they set up their business, in Geneva in 1980, they began to create their own jewellery.


They created exceptional pieces for some jewellers and well-known brands, and as their reputation grew collectors would commission pieces directly, including royalty.


With the know-how to create majestic jewellery and the clientele waiting to buy directly from our family, BOGH-ART was born in 2007.


5 words that describe BOGH-ART?

We would describe our designs as audacious, alluring, avant garde, elegant and mesmerising.

How would you describe the Art of Inlay?


Inlay is a decorative technique of inserting contrasting materials one set seamlessly into the other to create a visually intriguing design. With the absence of metal the stones reveal their tonality and brilliance forming an illusion of one body.

The Taj Mahal has formed the brand’s main influence and with the Boghossian family’s Middle Eastern roots it was only natural that the house would be inspired by the blending of Eastern and Western cultures. Despite its ancient roots the ‘Art of Inlay’ requires precision and sophistication akin to the finest watch making.

Your favourite collection so far?

It is a difficult question since every BOGH-ART collection is special for me for various reasons. Right now I find ‘The Kissing Diamonds’ line the most intriguing due to its unusual architecture and the striking contrast of colours

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