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Pre-Raphaelites Exhibition London

  • by arobis

With 150 and more spectacular works on show in the Pre-Raphaelites exhibition, London art lovers, critics and fanatics can take a new and fresh look at the wonderful Victorian art movement and examine the beautiful, extravagant paintings in a broader historical context.

Approaching the exhibit in a refreshing new way the exhibition at Tate Britain strangely suggests that the Pre-Raphaelites were in fact Britain's first ever modern art movement, whose radical style and ideas in fact defied the conventions of the day, in contrast to their occasional misrepresentation as mere Victorian escapism.

Frequently confronting social issues and also reacting against the increasing industrialization of Britain, the movement influenced the early Arts and Crafts movement pioneered by the socialist, poet and designer William Morris. In slight contrast to former exhibitions on Pre-Raphaelite art, the Tate Britain show features a series of paintings while alongside other media, to demonstrate the Brotherhood's enduring legacy.

The Pre-Raphaelites exhibition London event runs from Wednesday 12th September 2012 to Sunday 13th January 2013.


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