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Whether you love Old Masters or modern art, contemporary sculpture or Impressionist paintings London will certainly have an art gallery to suit you. Home to a huge range of unique Art galleries, London boasts a variety of exhibitions and galleries that depict life in the city at a particular time with some of the world’s greatest historical artworks on display at some of the most prestigious Art galleries.
From British art in Tate Britain or contemporary sculptures and paintings at Tate Modern, which enjoys a reputation as the most popular modern Art gallery with works from 1500 A.D. to the present day, the sheer abundance of world-class artworks on display in London will inspire even most discerning art lovers. Belgravia Gallery, which is located in the London Art district, houses lithographs, paintings, sculptures and more by renowned international artists such as Andy Warhol and local London artists. The Stephen Friedman Gallery showcases contemporary Art from established Artists and regularly hosts exhibitions that provoke intrigued minds. Sadie Coles HQ is a recently opened Art Gallery that offers contemporary art by emerging artists in London’s famous West End.

Visit the London Art district on Cork Street for a wide variety of Art Museums and galleries.

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