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Private Member Clubs

London’s private clubs are where the cream of the crop socialise in peace while surrounded by opulence made up of the finest food, drink and service available on the planet. The exclusive member’s only clubs originate from the 18th century and have since gone on to become a staple part of a social life for the wealthy and famous, West London’s St James region in particular, where the likes of Prince Charles and Kate Moss rub shoulders for their entertainment in London.

A more recent trend for private members clubs is to be used for conferencing and a number of high profile Prime Ministers and Presidents have housed business meetings in these opulent buildings.

A formal dress code is expected by these exclusive London clubs such as Grace Belgravia and The Ritz Club where annual membership can fetch well into the thousands of pounds.

The hedonistic lifestyle is very much catered to in these luxury establishments and service is the best money can buy. The stylish décor and private areas of these clubs ensure full confidence for members who wish to enjoy London evening entertainment in comfort.

New York may have have it's fair share of private member's clubs, but it will always come second to the true home of member's clubs in London

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