Florian Werner of Arlberg Hospiz, Austria

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Exclusive Interview with Florian Werner

  • by Charles the Concierge

The Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, which itself is more than 630 years old,  has just launched a €26 million cultural centre that is going to be Europe’s highest altitude art gallery and concert hall. The aim of the space is to bring together established and upcoming artists. 

Hotelier, Florian Werner spoke to us about how this idea came about and how guests and visitors will have the opportunity to experience something different during their visit to St.Christoph now that the resort will be open for an extended period to make it a four-season resort.

How did your interest in art develop?


It was in 2006 when my sister got married and it was my brother's idea to get something painted for her as a gift and the idea of a cultural space at the hotel sparked our interest. 

For all these years we had wondered how else could we develop the property and proposition further. All hotels have spas and restaurants so this gives us a very exclusive platform and also allows us to extend the season.


What will the experience of being at the cultural centre and hotel entail?


The resort will now be offering both art and the benefits of staying at a luxury hotel featuring 5 restaurants. The space is free of outside influences. We plan to keep the concerts short in order to keep the audience engaged. This then allows guests to enjoy an evening in our bar and restaurant.

It will be a great experience for guests mixing good wine, food and music! The property is over 600 years old and the standard of hospitality is excellent. My father was the first one in the area who had a wine cellar so we offer some of the most exclusive wines from all over the world.


The space is also available for conferences as it can host up to 200 people.


How do you feel now that your dream has been materialised?


I believe its all about having a good team and positive energy. I had a strong belief in the concept and a little bit of luck and patience which has transformed into reality!


What do guests enjoy the most when they visit the property?


I have noticed that the British love hot chocolate! During ski breaks they all seem to be ordering hot chocolate. People also love fondue and schniztel. Our 5 restaurants offer a little bit of everything so it provides guests a lot of choice. Usually guests will dine at different restaurants during the course of the day.

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