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A Claude Monet - Giverny, Honfleur and Orangerie

  • by Charles The Concierge

Claude Monet started his quest to achieve the seemingly impossible. The French impressionist wanted to portray the beauty in its purest form as well as capture the moment as it appeared when dunking the brush into paint. In his venture of displaying the beauty of the atmosphere, he had to walk alone as most of his counterparts tried to depict reality in perfect form.

Claude Monet discovered that the combination of natural light and contrasting strong colours creates a mind blowing reflection, shadows and mirror effects. At FREYWILLE, the leading representatives of impressionism are committed to capture the beauty that surrounds us. These pioneers reveal a new and unique view of the world through their masterpiece.

The three new designs Giverny, Honfleur and Orangerie are inspired by many of Monet’s unforgettable masterpieces. Artists of top London jeweller FREYWILLE are able to revive the atmosphere of Impressionism along with the beauty of blooming garden.

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