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Vertu Signature Touch The handmade High Performance Smartphone

  • by Charles The Concierge

The English manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, Vertu, releases its new high performance smart phone called Signature Touch. This luxurious smartphone blends superior handcrafted materials including high quality calf leather and grade 5 titanium. The best-in-class technology used in this phone is committed to exceeding customers’ expectations from all possible aspects.

The Signature Touch is the pinnacle smartphone model from Vertu that symbolizes the company’s full breadth of expertise. It is a phone designed for global customers who always demands for first class performance and unique products. By combining 15 years of in-house expertise along with the latest insights from the luxury sector,Vertu is cementing its position as a leader in the luxury mobile category through this Signature Touch Smartphone. Vertu’s magnificent craftsmanship is well demonstrated through beautifully stitched calf leather and flawlessly brushed titanium casing. Signature Touch is a stunning smartphone that uses the latest software in order to deliver mind blowing performance.

Signature Touch supports the iconic status of the brand while creating a cleaner, slimmer as well as contemporary device. The 4.7’’ HD screen of Signature Touch is protected by 118 carat, 5.1 inch piece of solid sapphire crystal. With more than a decade’s experience in precision cutting sapphire technology, Vertu’s sapphire crystal screen technology is impervious to anything less than diamond. This advanced technology screen has been manufactured to reduce reflection with a multi-layer coating. This Signature Touch phone is available in five different colours with a beautiful range of cases available in three different designs.

Luxurious Signature Touch smartphone packs an array of features including Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround sound processing, a full HD 473dpi display and stereo speakers. A Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 2.3GHz Quad-core processor gives you stunning speed while crystal clear call quality is assured via noise cancelling technology. For the magnificence of camera and perfect image tuning Vertu has worked with Hasselblad, the world’s most renowned photography brand.

Signature Touch is a ‘one world phone’ that means, no matter where you are in the world this luxury smartphone will provide you the optimum set up under all circumstances. This perfect world service is complemented by global Wi-Fi access supplied by iPass, wireless charging, NFC and the latest Android™ 4.4 KitKat software.

As a pinnacle smartphone of Vertu, Signature Touch gets access to the full range of curated privileges. All Signature Touch customers will have the convenience of getting Vertu Concierge that features the highest level of dedicated service through a single point of contact. Dedicated Concierge from Vertu has developed a sophisticated system that can adapt to individuals as they use the system more and more. This is truly the ultimate expression of bespoke technology.

Signature Touch smartphone also incorporates a couple of unique services; namely Vertu LIFE and Vertu CERTAINTY. Vertu LIFE offers customers a personalized selection of exclusive privileges that includes membership of the renowned Private Clubs around the world and closed-door shopping. Vertu CERTAINTY on the other hand, protects the customer and their data through best-in-class technology including comprising voice calls, encrypted communications and safe text or video. Moreover, there is a global Wi-Fi access along with anti-theft & anti-virus technology.

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