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Floris Centuries of Perfumery Excellence for Pure Indulgence

  • by Charles The Concierge

Now you are in a position to celebrate Floris’ unique position that is launched exclusively with Harrods, Leather Oud and Honey Oud. This London perfume brand hold their excellence in this perfume that complements their long serving supplier history.

In this ‘Harrods Exclusive Honey Oud Oriental Woody’ honey oud opens with English honey as well as vanilla. This combination creates velvet softness to the oud oil and at the same time accentuates the rose at the heart of this complex yet mesmerizing fragrance.

This exclusive fragrance of the perfume in London is created by virtue of oud oil from a sustainable source of agar wood. This oil is unique in a perfumer’s palette for its delicate texture and very high price. As an opulent this oil creates a deep sensual note ready to combine majestically with rose and sandalwood.

Floris also offers you its private collection in small batches dedicated to only the family’s most prestigious gatherings. These private collections are exclusively produced and inspired by people, events and history. Each perfume has been crafted carefully with a touch of unique fragrance that reveals the story behind its creation.

Only the exquisite ingredients across the world are used to create each masterpiece. Among all private collections some have been commissioned for customers before being offered publicly while some others have been commissioned by the Floris family to mark a celebration.

For more information on Floris, please click here.

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