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Latest News from London Chocolatier William Curley

  • by Charles The Concierge

New Flavours

Luxury London chocolatier, William Curley, has added several new couture chocolate flavours to their current range at its Belgravia & Richmond and Harrods boutiques.

These new flavours include: Lemon Grass & Ginger, Orange Blossom, Lavender, Strawberry & Balsamic and Lime & Thai Basil.

William Curley Ice Cream

One of the most environmentally friendly type of packaging is the ice cream cone.

A selection of fantastic ice creams have been developed by this British chocolatier to help to keep Britain tidy. Each has been handmade using natural ingredients and is available at the Belgravia and Richmond Boutique.

The tasty flavours on offer include: tropical sorbet, raspberry sorbet, Chocolate sorbet, sea salt caramel, pistachio, Toscano 70%, white choc & miso, green tea and peanut butter.

Flavours can be mixed and matched and served in a crunchy waffle ice cream cone.

William Curley Milkshakes

Hand blended William Curley milkshakes are available in both chocolate & vanilla flavours at the Belgravia & Richmond Boutique.

Each delightful milkshake is blended with William Curley’s own ice cream.

William Curley Affogato

The coffee based beverage, the affogato, is brand new to the Richmond Boutique. It contains a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream topped off with a hot expresso shot.

William Curley Home Made Lemonade

This tasty lemonade is an ideal sunny afternoon refresher.

For more information on William Curley, please click here.

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