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Shooting Excitement at Prescott Shooting for Beginners

  • by Charles The Concierge

The world has waited a lot for this year’s game shooting days. All the excitement and enthusiasm is mounting for 12th and 13th September when enthusiasts can have fun in a Two Day Driven Game Shooting Course arranged by Prescott Shooting Company.

The days are pretty much different based on their activity pattern and learning experience. The first day is basically instructional while the final day gives the participants a real exposure to a practical shooting environment.

Beginners will start with basic gun safety handling technique under the guidance of Daniel & his team followed by gun mounting, footwork and shooting etiquette which are vital for a kick-start. A wide variety of driven and crossing targets with realistic driven flush simulates a real game drive. This will make the shooter more efficient to handle the gun in a shooting field like environment with ease. Now that you have learnt a lot of basics and perfection techniques get ready to imply these on the real thing on the following day.

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The following day participants will gather at Harvington Shoot near Evesham and the total group will split into three teams. Each team will shoot 2 drives, beat 2 drives and pick up 2 drives in order to see how shoot works from all possible angles. This day will provide you the real opportunity to show what you have learnt on the first day because you will have the opportunity to shoot your first partridge or duck; under the professional instruction off-course. Participants will learn how the beating team and picking up team works parallel in a real shooting environment. Beating team’s work includes driving the birds over the guns while picking up team will be busy on working their dogs to retrieve the shot game.

The two days of game shooting course is not all about gun firing or shooting instructions. There are plenty of refreshments and souvenirs available for participants. You have breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, 100 cartridges & clays, unlimited game cartridges, all safety equipments, 4x4 transport & brace of birds to take in this two days long shooting course.

This is a great opportunity for beginners to gain confidence and skills within a very short period of time and prepare themselves for the novice game day in November. You don’t need any previous shooting experience or shotgun license to participate in this course. Prescott shooting just recommends that everyone has a basic shooting ability and even if you don’t have this they can make you learn within one hour of private lesson under special rate. So avail of the chance and boost up your shooting experience at only £500 per person.

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