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Chocolates with a Majestic Touch of London

  • by Charles The Concierge

Rococo Chocolates London brings an eclectic array of signature chocolates in a Union Jack Box. Now you can redefine the way how fine English chocolates are perceived and presented in a delectable manner all across the world. 

Nearly three decades ago Chantal Coady dreamed about changing the conservative, commercial norm of chocolate selling among mass people and she dared to follow her dream. This passionate venture gave birth to Rococo Chocolates; the luxury chocolates in London.

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Not long before our perception about chocolates was confined into only a couple of spectrums, a milk chocolate bar at one end and the rose & violet creams at the other. With a mind-blowing variation in taste and style Union Jack chocolates provoke the inspiring engagement of taste that transforms a joyless environment into a magical spell of time and, at the same time, has widened our perception regarding chocolate flavours. This mixed selection of delicious chocolates don’t ignore the traditional favourites such as pink marc de champagne as well as rose creams while adding some more thrilling flavours like chilli truffles and orange.

With a 240gm pack this box contains only the best of the best chocolate moulds for you along with Venus nipple which is probably the biggest attraction of this box. Nipples of Venus are actually two chocolate balls made by coffee ganache in white chocolate showcasing in two different corners of the box. Besides, the box contains stem ginger with dark chocolate coating, almond marzipans, rose and violet creams, raspberry, rose, orange, and lychee ganache with dark chocolate along with mango fruit jelly.

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Rococo Union Jack Large box comes with a delicately thought of, creative and beautiful packaging. The top cover represents a Union Jack Flag that is tied up with blue ribbon that contains “ROCOCO” written all over. All together the packaging represents a majestic beauty with a touch of luxury. This stunning package has actually set a trend in UK; chocolate gifts for men or women. People are now buying this inspiring and warm chocolate box for their near and dear ones as a gift.

This chocolate box reveals us the truth that luxury doesn’t always call for hefty budget. At less than £20 this Rococo Union Jack Large box has become the luxury chocolate gift in UK.

To find out more about Rococo Chocolates, please click here.

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