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An Epicurean experience at the Champagne Laurent-Perrier Orangery at Wilderness

  • by Charles The Concierge

Everyone who pays a visit at Wilderness for the Champagne Laurent-Perrier Orangery will be delighted by its warm ambience and breathtaking scenic beauty of hill and lakes.

Laurent-Perrier Orangery at Wilderness is hosted by Lady Fandameer’s ‘Menagerie des Amis’ where the true meaning of friendship is worshipped, accompanied by the poems of Edward Lear. On entering, guests will be amused by a century old set up consisting of iron bird cages, exotic plants, ice buckets of champagne and white table cloths. Besides, hidden handwritten notes among the plants, stunning performers among the waiters and friendly introductions amongst the champagne glasses will give an experience that you can treasure your entire lifetime.

Since its commencement in 1812 luxury champagne Laurent-Perrier has established itself as one of the foremost brands in Champagne by honouring traditional values by respecting nature and wines. Striving for quality and nurturing the relationships among the people this brand easily matches with ties in with your taste and style.

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With over a decade of world tour experience, eccentric and charming host, Lady Fandamere gives guests a glorious welcome at Wilderness thus creating a heavenly ambience where friends can come, live, dance and drink champagne. While sipping champagne and cocktails you can expect friends and Lady Fandamere to burst into songs and dance, impromptu musical chairs, heart touching poetry readings and magnificent magic tricks. Most importantly, while going through all these fun activities you may establish friendships that last forever.

Guests at Wilderness will have the luxury to select from an exotic Pavlovamenu that is beautifully prepared by Burford Garden; an Oxfordshire based company. You will also have the convenience to pay for bottles of champagne for lovers or friends at a later date by virtue of a ‘postal service’.

As friendship is worshipped here, in between performances and drinking you will be mesmerized by the piano with an eclectic book of songs on friendship. Mr. Noel Coward, one of Lady Fandameer’s friends will be in charge of this.

At the Orangery waiters will serve throughout the day, starting from midday. In the evening it will become a bar to relax where you can forget the hustling world outside. The Orangery will nurture new friendships on the basis of a satisfying life along with a convivial conversation.

Laurent-Perrier is the Champagne partner of Wilderness 2014 and guests aged 18 and above can enjoy by the glass or bottle of champagne across the site.  

To find out more about Laurent Perrier, please click here.

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