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A Master Craftsman at Work in Mayfair

  • by Charles The Concierge

Cuban cigar rollers travel on an annual basis from Havana to London to educate local cigar lovers about their dexterity and technique.

Customers will be granted a rare chance to view the magical process of a cuban cigar being rolled thanks to the visit of the roller.

From Monday 21st until Saturday 26th July, Lázaro, this year's roller, will be present at luxury cigar store, Sautter Mayfair on London's Mount Street.

Freshly rolled cigars can be purchased to enjoy, something you would typically have to travel thousands of miles to do.

Lázaro Collazo started his career as a cigar roller in 1998 at the Provincia Habana Factory and swiftly rose to attain the highest possible ranking defined by the Cuban Cigar industry.

He is therefore able to roll and size and shape of cigar as well as blending each cigar to a smoker's desired taste.

He has been working with the Quality Control Department since 2007 with great success thanks to his incredible attention to detail.

Lázaro still retains all of the skill required to be one of Cuba's top Cigar rollers.

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