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Masterpiece London - BOGH-ARTs collection!

  • by arobis

BOGH-ART will be taking part in this year's Masterpiece Fair in London which is only a couple of days away taking place at The Royal Hospital Chelsea grounds.

We have put together a collection of some of our favourite jewellers in London with boutiques in Mayfair and handpicked some of their best pieces.


From the BOGH-ART collection we have together the "Moi/Toi". The 'Moi Toi' line builds on the asymmetry of colours. Precious stones and pearls, combined in earrings have been chosen for their contrast but are an ideal palette blend. The unconventional Moi/Toi settings afford the wearer a more playful look than diamonds would traditionally allow. Such daring choice of design reflects the creativity of the Maison.


In this photo diamond you have earrings with a pear shape fancy deep orange yellow 5cts diamond, a pear shape light yellow 6.61cts diamond, a hear shape fancy deep brownish yellow diamond 4.02cts and fancy intense yellow 4.02 cts. On the back the earrings feature the same motif in white rose cut diamonds of almost 13 cts in total.

For more information on BOGH-ART please visit their website

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