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Vintage Winter White Case at Lalani and Co

  • by Charles the Concierge

Lalani & Co is a family run company founded out of love for single batch teas. Lalani & Co specialises in these distinctive batches of tea, each one varies from the next so only a few premium batches are picked for the Lalani & Co collection which are very expressive in flavour, chosen in prime seasons from passionate family run gardens.

Lalani & Co are now offering a very rareVintage Winter White Case (Lakyrsiew) to their collection. This collection is an enchanting journey through three different vintages all from the one garden. It is very rare to find a vertical collection of all white teas however, when the leaves are aged well, white teas are sensational.

These teas come from LaKyrsiew Garden in the highlands of Meghalaya province in India. The garden is still in its youth estimated around 2000 years old and is considered boutique (900kg annual crop) with all organic crop. It’s a family garden, run by the Linnebanks, with a strong passion for quality.

The Winter White, the final picking of the season, is a white tea made right before the plants go to sleep in the winter. This stunning case houses 3 vintages of winter white tea, about 5kg were made each year and each jar in the case has 25g of leaves. 

When these teas are still young, they’re sweet and effervescent with bright spice, berries and different floral tastes. As they age, a dimension of wood, spice and headier florals take root. It is advised to infuse 4-8g per 150ml at 65°C for 5 minutes.

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