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Alexandra Llewellyn's Lily Backgammon Board

  • by Charles the Concierge

Renowned British designer Alexandra Llewellyn has played backgammon all of her life, and her love of the game was cemented as a child in Cairo. The exciting rattle of dice on large wooden crate-boards signalled the game in play, as she wandered through the streets with her Egyptian step-grandfather.


As Alexandra travelled more her interest in backgammon evolved, over countless games and she became enthralled by the idea that board games operate as an independent vocabulary requiring neither common language nor culture.


The Lily is a limited edition of 10 backgammon boards designed for the Terrence Higgins Trust, 20% of each sale will go to support this amazing charity.


The dark zebrano backgammon board has a photographic calalily playing surface, finished with hand-applied lacquer, with the dark zebrano outside decorated with brass sliding fastenings and hinges.


The weighted brass playing pieces are inlaid with mother of pearl and black glass on one side and leather on the other, doubling die is laurel burr, the dice cups are rosewood and lined with inside lips to ensure fair and random rolls of the precision laser cut dice.

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