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Sarah Colfer of Little Bevan shares a few words!

  • by Charles the Concierge

'It is wonderful that Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world -

although at different times - and each with its own local traditions. In the

Phillipines, mothers are referred to as the 'light of the household'! And in

Nepali, the celebration actually translates to 'day to see mother's face'.

Here, the festival is based on the traditional folklore and a pilgrimage to

a sacred pool where you can look upon the face of mothers who are no more..


In our household, I just hope for my best kind of London Sunday... usually

the week is so hectic, so I look forward to a gentle day when my daughter

and I can just ride at the front of the bus to her favourites and-pit and

swings in St James Park...'

Thank you Sarah for sharing a few words with 5ive Star London!

Little Bevan are busy this summer preparing brides maids dresses for little girls as it is the wedding season that is fast approaching! 

To learn more please visit Little Bevan

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