Interview with Sarah Baker, of Baker and Gray!

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Interview with Sarah Baker of Baker and Gray!

  • by Charles the Concierge


 We had the opportunity to meet Sarah from Baker and Gray and chat to her about her inspiration, the boutique and life in London!

What is your story?



I have been interested in design for as long as I can remember. I used to be a fashion designer and for many years lived and worked in Africa. When I returned to the UK I decided that my embroidery story would lend itself with some development into a range of decorative items for homes and interiors. Today the Baker & Gray collection now encompasses fabrics for walls, curtains and furniture with a complimentary collection of cushions and panels for lampshades. We also stock our own range of candles & Diffusers.



How would you describe Baker and Gray?


People often ask me to describe the Baker & Gray aesthetic.   I suppose in a nutshell we're about carefully designed products that are visually beautiful, with great colour and texture. Products that are aspirational and inspirational, whose owners never want to throw away. To be able in 100 years to still see an item of B & G still treasured by the next generation.



Why did you choose the Notting Hill location?


It's always difficult to try and find exactly the right location but I happened on this gem one miserable November morning and its seemed to fit the bill. Moving up from Wiltshire was a development always intended and its  great if you can find somewhere where by one feels comfortable. I used to live in Notting Hill many years ago so it all feels very familiar. The shop itself  has a lovely ambience, with lots of natural light and we are so lucky to have a garden.



What is your advice to a first time visitor to London?


It all depends on what the purpose of their visit is. There is so much to see and do in London from museums, art galleries, theatres, the ballet, restaurants (I could go on) and of course Portobello Road and the surrounding area with its hidden gems of London so please come and see us!



How does the bespoke side of the business work?


When clients have decided which fabric from our collections they have chosen, which could be for walls, windows or furniture, measurements are then taken either from a home visit by us or from an existing interior design specialist. The lengths of fabric required is determined from these measurements for each of the areas requiring Baker & Gray fabric. We carry very little fabric stock as each order is made specifically to clients requirements. Decorating homes is a serious responsibility, needs careful time and thought and we strive with our clients to provide the best possible support and advice in this. The 29th March will be the 1st anniversary of Baker &Gray's new home in Notting Hill which happens to coincide with Mother's day weekend. Happy Mother's Day.

For more information please visit Baker and Gray!

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