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Spending a day in London with Founder of Emmy London!

  • by Charles the Concierge





''My day starts early! I have twin girls of six so our mornings are pretty busy. I like to get up first before the rest of the house and have a cup of tea, fine English breakfast of course, to gather my thoughts and digest the schedule of the day ahead. 

I take this time to catch up on e-mails as we get a lot of international activity so I can get quite a few enquiries through the night. This is also a great moment to catch up on instagram interaction and plan my posts for the day. I am a bit of statistics junkie too, so I take a look at our site traffic and see where our visitors have come from.

My team organise my calendar so that always keeps me on my toes! I like to take a look at that early so I can prepare for whats ahead, in terms of what I should wear, eat and when I'm likely to get home. Lists are my thing at home and at work…'s the only way I find I can manage the balance.

Once the frenzy of kids breakfast, school uniform, finding the illusive reading book and the school run (literally run around the corner) is done it's time for my second caffeine fix… this time. I find that charges me up into work mode.

Our boutique and design studios are based in Islington. It could be a leisurely walk from home but there nevers eems enough time….. I start every day with a quick run through with the team on activities of the day, priorities and my where my appointments are for the day and what support I may need from them. 

We are very blessed by having a really keen and dedicated team so they always make me feel very 'on track' and organised. They'll have already done tasks that I'm anxious to tick of yet another to do list……..It's a satisfying feeling! 

Our working day is pretty much structured by our clients. Most of our clients visit us in the boutique but some I visit either at home or at their hotel. Plus we work closely with many London based designers so I like to catchup with them regularly on colours, materials and trends etc. As a team we are really into mood boards, everyone has their own space to share inspiration so visually it's a really creative space to work. 

We also have a dedicated space to collect photos and quotes from our clients - it's a great way to remind th eteam what a fantastic job they are doing and for me to stay focussed at what I'm good at….making many women happy with delicious shoes and accessories!

I have to be honest, lunch can be a rather rushed affair. I am massively into sushi and we are lucky to have a good few places nearby. The most important thing to me is that I eat (I regularly forget or get distracted) and that I leave HQ to get fresh air and a fresh perspective. There's a really pretty church yard behind us, it's a lovely tranquil place to see a bit of normal life, a perfect rest bite from busy life at Emmy London HQ.

Dinner is very much a family thing in our house. It's very much how I was brought up and it's something I want to install in my children. The TV goes off, no phones are allowed - it's time to catch up as a family and enjoy a good meal. I'm a keen cook, I wouldn't say I'm hugely talented but I'm confident and quick which goes down well! The kids eat what we eat which is usually something wholesome, fairly healthy and all the more tasty with a splash of my guilty pleasure, hot chilli sauce!

Once the kids are in bed, Dickie and I exchange and process our days over a glass of wine, our favourite is Sancerre. We run the business together so we have lots to talk about plan and get excited about!

One of favourite spots in London is Hampstead Heath, you can see for miles and it's good people watching!

Our favourite restaurant to visit with or without the kids at Christmas time is Poulet Pot, it's so authentic and festive. It's where Dickie proposed a whole ten years ago.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a family trip to the Puppet Theatre in Islington, the creativity is amazing and thoroughly entertaining.

We always do a tour of the lights and admire all the major shop windows, London is such a magical place at this time of year…..I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be or where I'd prefer to bring our children up.''


Emmy London is truly a magical and dynamic London based brand. To learn more visit their website by clicking here

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