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Exclusive Interview with Princess Marie-Chantal

  • by Charles the Concierge



Established in 2001, Marie-Chantal offers fun, fresh and playful clothing for babies and children from 0 – 12 years old.  Designed in London under the creative vision of Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, every piece is beautifully crafted from the finest fabrics with a high attention to quality and detail. 

What inspired you to start a childrenswear brand?

I wanted to create a beautiful one stop shop where children could find everything they needed from casual wear to party wear, all under one roof.


5ive words that describe the Marie Chantal brand best?

Approachable, Playful, Magical, Quality and Stylish



What are your favourite activities in London and what would you recommend to a first time visitor to London?

I love the Royal Academy of Arts so I always tell people to visit it when they are in London. At the moment they are exhibiting Anselm Keifer and Allen Jones so there is always something super interesting going on!

The Walton Street boutique was recently redesigned and it looks wonderful! Where did the inspiration come from and why did you choose Walton Street as a location?

Walton Street has always been one of my favourite shopping streets in London, it is so cute and behind Brompton Road which makes it feel like a hidden gem. The new store design was inspired by a traditional London town house with a modern twist. Located at 148 Walton Street, SW3 2JJ


What is planned in the coming year for the brand?

We are planning to launch in the Middle East so that is super exciting


How does a quintessential day in London for you pan out?

I am up early getting my youngest ready for school then off to the office on the Kings Road. I will go over new design collections with my design team and brainstorm ideas for my new blog. 

I try and get as much done as possible so I can be home in time to see the children!




For more information click here to visit Marie Chantal

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