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Exclusive Interview with Ethan K

  • by Charles the Concierge

We had an opportunity to sit down with Ethan K and learn about what inspires him, his passion and what the future holds for the exotic leather handbag designer in London!

How did you start designing?

In the past people always thought crocodile skin was for old people. I wanted to take a refreshing take on bags.

One of the reasons to start was because I was in search fora bag for my personal use.

I went to all the duty frees and airports. I felt luxury was becoming too mass market. That's when I wanted to create something very unique.The excitement in launching my own brand had to do with the mystery that was there. The process of achieving the special order and creating something special for someone. The passion has always been to keep the Ethan K brand a private members club. The kind of customer Ethan K targets is not an average customer.

How would you say your work is different to other handbag designers and what inspiration does London bring to you?

First of all my work has a very interesting heritage and story and communicates my travels and stories. For instance the animal clasps are fairy tales with something fun.

 Most people think London always has gloomy weather. When London is sunny it's beautiful but gloomy means a melancholic state of mind. In today's time everyone is after the glamour but actually it is a city with so much inspiration and heritage which is realised through the atmosphere of the city.

What is your advice to a first time visitor to London?

A first timer to London has tourist landmarks which I have so much respect for. All these intimate places like high tea in Claridges are a must do. The architecture of London is breathtaking. The town houses we see today in Mayfair are not just commercial. They were institutions of love. This has been lost in today's world of globalisation.

What does the remainder of 2014 - 2015 hold for you?

2014 is definitely an exciting year. We have an expanding client base and opening in markets like America and Saks Fifth Avenue. I was inspired by couture customers.

My philosophy, vision and dreams are going across the world. I saw a picture on the internet of one of my best clients in New York with my bags. Here I am in London and my creations are being talked about across the Atlantic. My bags bring happiness to people's lives and that is what keeps me inspired.

What advice would you give to upcoming designers?

I am still on the path of success. My advice is to upcoming designers is, be able to follow your intuition and be a very good listener. We tend to forget to listen. My bags are so because I like to listen to clients and see beyond their needs of bags.


What is your dream?

I have a lot of creative inspiration by spices and tropical fruits. My dream is to have an Ethan K tea salon. This is just a dream! All thanks to my family my dream has been fulfilled in the form of this private salon in Knightsbridge. 


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