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Sautter Cigar Training Day

  • by arobis

Throughout the year, Sautter Cigars have been running regular monthly Saturday Cigar Training for beginners and cigar smokers who are interested in learning more about cigars. The next Cigar Training date is scheduled in for Saturday 7th September. The training day will show you how the tobacco is grown and matured, the process of making, maturing and storing cigars and finally how to enjoy a fine cigar.

The day will begin at 10.00am in Sautters famous shop on Mount Street for a brief introduction with tea and coffee before heading down to the cigar terrace of the Mayfair Hotel at 10.30am. This Cigar Terrace at the Mayfair Hotel is considered one of the finest places in London to smoke a fine Cuban cigar and with mini Cuban Cigars provided it truly is the perfect place to learn all about them.

The morning will consist of learning all about the history of Cuba and the Cuban cigar industry alongside the history of the UK cigar trade. You will also learn about the development of cigar sizes, cigar manufacturing and cigar aging with an overview of tobacco growing and maturing. Lunch will then be served with tea and coffee at the Hotel.

After lunch, there will be a quick walk back up to Sautter on Mount Street where more will be revealed about cigars. Questions such as how to look after cigars, the correct way to store cigars and how to cut a cigar will all be answered during the afternoon where you will also be shown the correct way to light a cigar and told whether it is correct to keep the band on or off, an extremely common question.

The training ends at approximately 3.00pm  but there are still some surprises left in store as you will be returning home with two Cuban cigars, a Sautter Cigar cutter and lighter, a Habanos Cigar book with Sautter notes on the Havana Cigar Brands and also the Sautter Cigar training ‘Homework’ which is a suggested list of cigars to help you continue your fine education of the cigar.

For those unavailable on the 7th September, Sautter will be hosting more training sessions on 5th October and 2nd November, so make sure you attend one of these spectacular training classes as you won’t regret it! While in the area, after the training session, why not pop in Sadie Coles HQ to view some contemporary art as it is situated just around the corner from Sautter.

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