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The Sou Fujimoto Summer Pavilion

  • by arobis

The Sou Fujimoto Summer Pavilion at Serpentine Gallery takes place from Saturday 8th June - Sunday 20th October 2013. This year sees the 13th summer pavilion open to the public at the renowned Kensington Gardens gallery, with a design created and installed by award winning architect, Sou Fujimoto.

With the aim of helping visitors explore the history of the Summer Pavilion scheme, the pavilion design by Sou Fujimoto has been inspired by organic structures such as forests and caves. The structure is simply a delicate lattice, and it will not just be an installation, as a small café will be housed inside it for those seeking a little calm in the centre of the city.

Created on top of the Serpentine Gallery's lawn, the 350 metre-square structure for this year's summer pavilion features a latticed structure made up of 20mm steel poles. This lightweight and semi-transparent appearance will allow the structure to blend into the landscape, so those who visit the pavilion can still enjoy the outdoors whilst being inside.

Designed with the aim of encouraging visitors to explore and interact with the site in diverse ways, the pavilion acts as a kind of architectural landscape where the natural and man-made interact. Entering the structure, visitors will be able to wander through a series of stepped terraces that provide a flexible multi-purpose social space and what’s more, looking at the 13th summer pavilion from certain vantage points will give the illusion that the visitors inside are suspended in space.

Sou Fujimoto, is so far the youngest architect to design a temporary structure at the gallery and has previously designed several houses that are all noted for their light and permeable styles. The 13th summer pavilion is sure to be a big hit with both tourists and Londoners alike, giving them the chance to experience his natural and futuristic architecture.

The pavilion is once more joining in with all the architectural festivities associated with the Open House London weekend from 21st September – 22nd September 2013. Take the whole family along for a day of architecture and archaeology workshops, or even stop off in William Curley’s for a cup of hot chocolate.

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