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Wimbledon Chocolate Tennis Balls

  • by arobis
With countdown to the 2013 Wimbledon Tennis tournament, Artisan du Chocolat have a crafted a Wimbledon Chocolate Tennis Ball and to celebrate the quintessential British event.


These Wimbledon Chocolate Tennis Balls are available in store is very realistic although I am not sure how long it would last in a tennis game. The tennis ball is made with white chocolate and covered in sugar to create the tennis ball effect, each tennis ball is filled with milk and dark rochers and is nestled on edible grass. This is a perfect gift to celebrate the 2013 Wimbledon Tennis tournament.

• Weight (e) 150g
• Shelf life 6 months
• Ingredients: sugar, dried whole milk, hazelnuts, cocoa beans,cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, colour: tartrazine, natural vanilla extract. Edible grass (potato starch, corn starch, modified corn starch, colours: tumeric, indigotine, falvouring, sweeteners). Dark chocolate contains min 70% cocoa. Milk choc min cocoa 35%, min milk 20%.
• Contains cow's milk, nuts soya.May contain traces of wheat. 


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