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Artisan du Chocolat Exquisite whimsical chocolates

Commit yourself to Artisan du Chocolat’s cocoa rehab. With delicious monthly chocolate deliveries, come over to the dark side and rehab your taste buds with fine British chocolate!

Artisans work from the heart. They start as apprentices and spend many years honing their craft. They are despotic about using the best materials, fanatical about perfecting each gesture to an art until they can do it blindly. They are proud of their work. So are we. Artisan products beautifully crafted are the last true luxury in the world. We start by searching for exceptional and rare cocoa beans carefully harvested from South America, the Caribbean and Asia with distinct taste profiles. We transform these into chocolate bars adding cane sugar and dried milk from the British Isles, conching and refining in Kent.

Artisan du Chocolat is one of the very few British artisan chocolatiers who produce chocolate bars from ground cocoa beans. For soft centered chocolates, we infuses cream with fresh herbs, flowers, spices, nuts and fruits gently emulsify it with chocolate, a little sugar and butter. Most Artisan chocolates have a short shelf life because they are fresh and do not contain vegetable fat, excess sugar or alcohol. Our products are unique and whimsical from our famous salted caramels to our beautiful pearls, surprising Os or moreish chocolate coated popcorn and biscuits.

“The leading light in the world of modern chocolate” Michel Roux Junior
“The Bentley of chocolate” Gordon Ramsay
“The salt caramels are to die for” Jay Rayner
‘The best chocolates you are ever likely to taste, each one with a distillation of flavour, a miniature explosion of taste, a work of art’ Tamasin Day-Lewis,The Telegraph

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Sea salted caramels, classic truffles, origin and fusion bars, assorted and fresh mint discs, chocolate pearls, fruit & nut selections, wedding favours, chocolate tasting experiences, cocoa rehab, luxurious gift hampers
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Originally crafted for Claridges, Artisan du Chocolat boasts the largest collection of salted caramels. The balance of flavours and textures makes these their most famous offering.
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Charles' Tip

Artisan du Chocolat offers an exceptional and whimsical range of fresh chocolates made with rare cocoa beans infused with fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers, herbs and spices.
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Charles' Tip

Artisan du Chocolat’s extensive selection of bars available in various origins and fusions are all conched and refined in their atelier in Kent.