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The War Games Exhibition

  • by arobis

The War Games Exhibition at Museum of Childhood takes place from Saturday 25th May 2013 – Sunday 2nd March 2014. Explore the connection between global conflict and children’s toys at this fascinating exhibition as it gives a unique insight into the way warfare has shaped playthings since the 19th Century.

With a wide selection of toy soldiers and board games such as Risk, the exhibition looks at war themed toys from different conflicts all around the world and highlights the roles such items have played in society. The exhibition also looks at how such toys have been used as tools of propaganda and espionage, as well as what they can reveal about the changing attitudes to warfare over the decades.

The exhibition has divided the items displayed into four themed groups; these groups include Playing at War, which looks at connection between war play among children and aggression, and On the Battlefield, which looks at changing attitudes to war during different conflicts. The following two sections include From Reality to Fantasy, which analyses futuristic and fantastical war toys that distance themselves from the reality of battle, and Secret Weapons, which looks at the darker ways that toys have been used.

The exhibition promises to be incredibly thought provoking and nostalgic for adults and entertaining for children. There will also be the opportunity for children to get involved with war themed activities and hands-on workshops that will keep them entertained while adults enjoy the exhibition.

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